The Founder is committed to ethical manufacturing in Europe, including sourcing all materials from Europe. We support high quality manufacturers, often small family-owned factories, which share our interest in sustainable and ethical fashion, and pay particular attention to correct waste management, proper work conditions and fair sourcing of materials. Our current factories are in Portugal and Spain. We only use 100% natural fibers and materials in our clothes, and fair-trade skins from Spain in our our leather accessories.


Carbon Footprint

We work to lower our carbon footprint. Our high quality long-lasting products and local European manufacturing means overall a lower carbon footprint than the traditional fast fashion business with production in Asia.    

To counterbalance the carbon footprint from our manufacturing and sending parcels to clients all over the globe, we have decided to support the Carbon War Room, a nonprofit organization co-founded by Richard Branson.

The Founder is a brand that believes in how entrepreneurs can change the world, and thus sees a great match with the work of Carbon War Room.

About Carbon War Room


Carbon War Room (CWR) is a global nonprofit, founded by Sir Richard Branson and a team of like-minded entrepreneurs, that accelerates the adoption of business solutions that reduce carbon emissions at gigaton scale and advance the low-carbon economy. The organization focuses on solutions that can be realized using proven technologies under current policy landscapes. CWR does this work because climate change calls for the mobilization of capital, innovation, expertise, and international collaboration at an unprecedented speed and scale. A strategic nonprofit that understands innovation, entrepreneurship, and business is needed to accelerate that change.